Ctrl IQube
A TRUSTED turnkey Kubernetes environment
Designed to give control of security at the container level while providing simplicity.  Encrypted or cryptographically signed containers are run natively on Kubernetes while enabling a zero-trust security model for containers & orchestration with a secure service mesh.
We designed this solution to enable trusted or encrypted containers to be integrated into the DevSecOps process.  This will provide development teams, researchers, scientists, creators, and engineers the power and peace of mind to speed their ideas to creation.
Ctrl IQube will be the basis of our Ctrl Cloud but can be the basis of your on-premise Kubernetes environments as well.
More to come taking our technologies and solving your specific needs
CIQ products provide the entire solution, from bare metal, provisioning, operating systems, orchestration, and containers, and unite everything into a turnkey secure stack enabling traditional HPC, AI/ML, and analytics, as well as enterprise, cloud, and hyper-scale computing needs.

Warewulf is your deployment and management fabric for scalable operating systems provisioning and management.


Fuzzball Substrate is the industry’s leading hypervisor-enhanced, container platform

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Ctrl IQube

A trusted, turnkey, and scalable Kubernetes based orchestration platform providing a simple, automated deployment solution.

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Fuzzball is a secure, scalable, hybrid-meta orchestration platform for performance intensive workflows and data. 

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