Community driven container platform


Community driven container platform

What is Singularity

Singularity is a community-driven container solution designed for HPC, AI, ML & performance-critical batch processing. Leveraging a single executable file, Singularity can be cryptographically signed, fully auditable, highly secure, encrypted, and easily portable. Singularity is for your applications in the data center, cloud, or edge.


Powerful, but not overwhelming. Singularity is capable, reliable, and easy to learn.


Singularity blocks privilege escalation within the container and can run rootless.


With its single-layer image format, Singularity is fast and easy.


Encrypted containers won't be decrypted during runtime.


Able to be deployed at a massive scale, Singularity is extremely lightweight and can be deployed nearly anywhere.


OCI Registry compliant in both SIF (Singularity Image Format) and OCI container formats, as well as POSIX compliant.


With its SIF, optimization for scalability, and ability to run basically anywhere, Singularity is fast and reliable.

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Singularity is Trusted

Singularity is used everywhere, by people from all industries. From government and research labs, to enterprises running machine learning and AI algorithms, Singularity won’t disappoint.

Learn how Singularity can help you

Want to get more technical on Singularity? Here are some white papers and use cases about Singularity to get started.

WHite Paper

Singularity & Security

Security features and compliance

WHite Paper

Singularity: Enterprise-grade solutions

WHite Paper

How to Get started with Singularity

How To

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