White paper

Singularity: Enterprise-Grade Solutions

White Paper

Singularity: Enterprise-Grade Solutions

Singularity: Enterprise-Grade Solutions

Singularity is a container operating system that will allow you to run any contained application at bare metal performance with enhanced security and trust over and above any other container subsystem today. With Singularity you can execute containers like they are native programs or scripts on a host computer.

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Customer Obsessed

Customer Obsession is one of our core values that drives our software and support.

CIQ relies on the many years of experience its employees have building support organizations and providing mission critical support for the world’s most demanding of customers.

Expert Assistance

Here at CIQ, we will work with you and your organization to ensure a perfect, smooth, and optimal experience and solution for your needs.

We offer reviews for:

Business, Architecture, Operational, Implementation, and Deployment.

Singularity is Trusted

Singularity is used everywhere, by people from all industries. From government and research labs, to enterprises running machine learning and AI algorithms, Singularity won’t disappoint.

Learn how Singularity can help you

Want to get more technical on Singularity? Here are some white papers and use cases about Singularity to get started.

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