HPC and cloud native environments accessible to everyone

What do you get when you cross provisioning, containers, and cloud scale architectures? That is the inspiration for Warewulf v4, our latest community driven release. Simple, ultra scalable, lightweight, and easy to operate are the core design principles while making HPC and cloud native environments accessible to everyone big or small, experienced or novice.


For over two decades, Warewulf has been the standard community cluster management solution powering HPC systems around the world. From simple “under the desk” clusters to the largest institutional HPC centers, they all rely on Warewulf for scalable provisioning and management of performance critical computing. Warewulf in its heart has always been first and foremost a stateless provisioning system (e.g. the operating system node image is not written to any persistent storage but rather compute nodes boot from the network directly) which is optimal for simple management of clusters. Warewulf is the basis of our community driven orchestration solution.

…“Their ability to modernize HPC is equally impressive and unmatched. 

- Joel Whitley, Partner at IAG Capital Partners

CIQ products provide the entire solution, from bare metal, provisioning, operating systems, orchestration, and containers, and unite everything into a turnkey secure stack enabling traditional HPC, AI/ML, and analytics, as well as enterprise, cloud, and hyper-scale computing needs.

Warewulf is your deployment and management fabric for scalable operating systems provisioning and management.

Rocky Linux

We are Tier 1 sponsors of Rocky Linux and offer enterprise grade options for nodes, servers, containers, and appliances on-prem, cloud, or edge.

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The community-driven container platform for secure and trusted HPC, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

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