Why CIQ?


We believe in listening and the power of communities. Our goal is to create passionate open source communities and provide confidence, collaboration, and stability. Together with the community, we are creating the Next Generation of Enterprise Software.


Meet Our CEO and Founder:
Gregory M. Kurtzer

Greg is well known throughout the High Performance Computing industry as a thought leader, innovator, disruptor, and generally cool guy. He is probably most well known for starting and leading the CentOS distribution of Linux, but he is also the person behind Warewulf, Singularity Containers, and Rocky Linux.

Previously Greg spent nearly twenty years working for the United States Department of Energy (DoE) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory where he was the Chief HPC Systems Architect. After that, Greg founded Sylabs which was acquired early in 2020 before founding Ctrl IQ.


Company Vision

To make the world a better place through the mass enablement of all Performance Critical Computing (PCC) workloads.
Company Mission

1. Cross-pollinate capabilities from HPC, enterprise, hyper-scalers, and cloud
2. Enabling the software requirements needed for today’s traditional HPC
3. Modernizing the traditional HPC software stack
4. Bringing HPC capabilities to the enterprise, cloud, and hyper-scalers

We are the software experts in today’s traditional HPC. We’ve built countless HPC systems, many of them have been on the Top500. We extend this knowledge to you as service offerings for your business.

Moving forward, we are actively working with customers and partners, thinking through the next major revolution of HPC and Performance Critical Computing (PCC). 

We are open source enthusiasts and work closely with the OSS communities around HPC, Cloud Native, and Cloud.

Company Culture

We drive hard on our core vision with a startup mentality. This means we work and live this as it is what we love. We are open source enthusiasts and work closely with the OSS communities around HPC, Cloud Native, and Cloud.

We are fueled by seeing the outcomes of our work. Enablement of science including medicine, energy, research, simulation, as well as everyday capabilities like smart cities, self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, and security. Seeing our technology drive innovation and research from COVID collaboration and curing cancer to smart apps on your phones as well as military, defense, and climate. This is our “why.”

We are a small team doing massive, gigantic things. Each of us has a legacy of innovations spanning the globe and even if you don’t realize it, you are currently using technology invented by this team.

Being a superhero isn’t for everyone, but it is for us. We are proud of our track record and previous accomplishments and what we are building now will have a greater impact than everything we have done collectively before.


Joining the Ctrl IQ Team

We are always looking for fantastic and like minded people to join us on this endeavor. If you are interested in joining, check out our open positions below.

CIQ products provide the entire solution, from bare metal, provisioning, operating systems, orchestration, and containers, and unite everything into a turnkey secure stack enabling traditional HPC, AI/ML, and analytics, as well as enterprise, cloud, and hyper-scale computing needs.

Warewulf is your deployment and management fabric for scalable operating systems provisioning and management.

Rocky Linux

We are Tier 1 sponsors of Rocky Linux and offer enterprise grade options for nodes, servers, containers, and appliances on-prem, cloud, or edge.

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The community-driven container platform for secure and trusted HPC, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

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